Partridge, one of a number of game birds related to the pheasants and peacocks. Most birds called partridges belong to one family, which includes several species of true partridges native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The family also includes the North American quail, known as “bobwhite” in the northern United States and as “partridge” in the South. The ruffed grouse of North America belongs to a different family, but is often called “partridge” in the northern states.

Two species of true Old World partridges were introduced into North America many years ago. One of these is the European gray partridge, or Hungarian partridge. It is found in western Canada, Oregon, California, Montana, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The other is the chukar partridge. It is a popular game bird in California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. The gray partridge and chukar partridge are similar in appearance—about 12 inches (30 cm) long, with dark-gray plumage above, lighter plumage below, and markings of brown and black. The chukar has a black line through the eye, and its bill and feet are red.


The gray partrodge is about one foot long with dark-gray plumage.

Partridges feed on grain and other seeds and on insects. Their shallow, grass-lined nests are built on the ground, where they are concealed by tall grass or other vegetation. The female lays from 6 to 20 eggs, according to the species. The eggs of some species are plain white or cream-colored. In other species, the eggs may be blotched or speckled with brown or lavender.

True partridges and quails belong to the family Phasianidae. The European gray partridge is Perdix perdix; chukar partridge, Alectoris chukar.


Partridge adalah burung dari famili Phasianidae, keluarga burung pheasant. Mereka adalah burung non migratori dari Dunia Lama.

Partridge adalah burung berukuran medium. Partridge menempati daerah Eropa, Asia, Afrika, dan Timur Tengah, dan mereka adalah burung yang sering berdiam di tanah serta pemakan biji-bijian.

Terdapat dua jenis partridge yang umum berada di Amerika Utara sebagai peliharaan, yaitu partridge chukar dan partridge abu-abu. Partridge abu-abu umum ditemukan di hutan lebat. Partridge abu-abu memiliki bulu yang kurang menarik dibandingkan partridge chukar.

Partridge memiliki panjang sekitar 26 cm dengan massa tidak lebih dari setengah kilogram. Mereka adalah burung buruan favorit.



  • Genus Lerwa
    • Partridge Salju, Lerwa lerwa
  • Genus Alectoris
    • Partridge Arab, Alectoris melanocephala
    • Partridge Przevalski, Alectoris magna
    • Partridge Bebatuan, Alectoris graeca
    • Partridge Chukar, Alectoris chukar
    • Partridge Philby, Alectoris philbyi
    • Partridge Barbarian, Alectoris barbara
    • Partridge Berkaki Merah, Alectoris rufa
  • Genus Ammoperdix
    • Partridge See-see, Ammoperdix griseogularis
    • Partridge Pasir, Ammoperdix heyi
  • Genus Perdix
    • Partridge Abu-abu, Perdix perdix
    • Partridge Dauria, Perdix dauurica
    • Partridge Tibet, Perdix hodgsoniae
  • Genus Rhizothera
    • Partridge Paruh Panjang, Rhizothera longirostris
  • Genus Margaroperdix
    • Partridge Madagaskar, Margaroperdix madagascarensis
  • Genus Melanoperdix
    • Partridge Kayu Hitam, Melanoperdix nigra
  • Genus Xenoperdix
    • Partridge Hutan Rubeho, Xenoperdix obscuratus
    • Partridge Hutan Udzungwa, Xenoperdix udzungwensis
  • Genus Arborophila, partridge perbukitan
    • Partridge Perbukitan, Arborophila torqueola
    • Partridge Sichuan, Arborophila rufipectus
    • Partridge Dada Chestnut, Arborophila mandellii
    • Partridge Kalung Putih, Arborophila gingica
    • Partridge Leher Rufous, Arborophila rufogularis
    • Partridge Pipi Putih, Arborophila atrogularis
    • Partridge Taiwan, Arborophila crudigularis
    • Partridge Hainan, Arborophila ardens
    • Partridge Perut Chestnut, Arborophila javanica
    • Partridge Perbukitan Muka Putih, Arborophila orientalis
    • Partridge Punggung Balok, Arborophila brunneopectus
    • Partridge Leher Oranye, Arborophila davidi
    • Partridge Kepala Chestnut, Arborophila cambodiana
    • Partridge Dada Merah, Arborophila hyperythra
    • Partridge Paruh Merah, Arborophila rubrirostris
    • Partridge Dada Bersisik, Arborophila chloropus
    • Partridge Kalung Chestnut, Arborophila charltonii
    • Partridge Perbukitan Dada Abu-abu, Arborophila sumatrana
    • Partridge Bukit Annam, Arborophila merlini
  • Genus Caloperdix
    • Partridge Ferruginous, Caloperdix oculea
  • Genus Haematortyx
    • Partridge Kepala Crimson, Haematortyx sanguiniceps
  • Genus Rollulus
    • Partridge Kayu Crested, Rollulus roulroul
  • Genus Ptilopachus
    • Partridge Batu, Ptilopachus petrosus
  • Genus Bambusicola
    • Partridge Bambu Pengunungan, Bambusicola fytchii
    • Partridge Banbu Cina, Bambusicola thoracica

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