Superb Fairy-wren, Malurus cyaneus, juvenile

Burung gelatik batu Eropa, Parus major.

Burung adalah anggota kelompok hewan bertulang belakang (vertebrata) yang memiliki bulu dan sayap. Fosil tertua burung ditemukan di Jerman dan dikenal sebagai Archaeopteryx.

Jenis-jenis burung begitu bervariasi, mulai dari burung kolibri yang kecil mungil hingga burung unta, yang lebih tinggi dari orang. Diperkirakan terdapat sekitar 8.800 – 10.200 spesies burung di seluruh dunia; sekitar 1.500 jenis di antaranya ditemukan di Indonesia. Berbagai jenis burung ini secara ilmiah digolongkan ke dalam kelas Aves.

Kebanyakan burung harus makan makanan sekurang-kurangnya setengah dari berat badan mereka setiap hari.

Burung dan manusia

Burung telah memberikan manfaat luar biasa dalam kehidupan manusia. Beberapa jenis burung, seperti ayam, kalkun, angsa dan bebek telah didomestikasi sejak lama dan merupakan sumber protein yang penting; daging maupun telurnya.

Macam-macam burung

  • Ayam
  • Burung Cenderawasih
  • Burung Jalak
  • Burung Kakatua
  • Burung Merak
  • Burung Merpati
  • Burung Murai Batu
  • Burung Murai Daun/Cucak ijo
  • Burung Perkukut
  • Burung Perenjak Jawa
  • Burung Punai
  • Merbah
  • Pinguin
  • Anis merah
  • Anis Kembang
  • Tledekan atau sulingan
  • Cucak Rawa
  • Elang bondol
  • Elang alap jambul
  • Cendet
  • Branjangan
  • Kacer
  • Kenari
  • Love Bird
  • Decu
  • Cendana


Fabulous Feathers:Birds are distinguished from other animals by their feathers. Feathers help birds fly, of course, but they also serve many other functions. They provide insulation in cold weather and waterproofing for birds that swim (or are caught in rainstorms). They come in a seemingly infinite variety of colors, allowing birds to identify their own species, hide from predators, communicate with one another and more.Bird Basics:All birds have modified forelimbs, or wings, which allow the majority of them to fly. Their high metabolic rate, strong, lightweight skeleton and unique digestive and respiratory systems are also adaptations for flight. In lieu of teeth, birds possess a beak, which they use for feeding, grooming, manipulating objects and more. They lay hard-shelled eggs, which protect their young, and are bipedal, meaning they walk on two legs.

Feathered Friends:These highly social animals communicate with one another not only through visual signals, but also through calls and complex songs. Birds participate in a variety of social activities such as cooperative breeding, where sometimes thousands of birds nest together in one location, and cooperative hunting, where they work together to capture their prey. They will join forces to mob predators, and many species flock and migrate together in massive numbers. 

Bird-Brained?: Birds are highly intelligent. In fact, the most intelligent bird species are considered among the smartest animals on the planet. These “bird brainiacs” been observed manufacturing and using their own tools, activities attributed solely to higher mammals until recently. Some social bird species are known to pass cultural knowledge on to later generations, a phenomenon seldom seen in the animal kingdom.

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    A mouth that can take a stretching and keep on fetching.
    Meet the black-and-white bowling pins of the bird world.
    “Bring out your dead! Bring out your

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